OpenFL 2.0

To all of you who missed it, Joshua shared about the past year of OpenFL, and upcoming changes in his "off site" WWX 2014 talk, OpenFL 2.0: What Was, What Is and What Is to Come. In the past year, there were many architectural improvements that were made to position OpenFL for a bright future. Lime was introduced, and new targets were added. With this work complete, OpenFL 2.0 brings a clear focus on the stability and consistency of the platform. Read more

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OpenFL HTML5 1.4.2 Beta

Hey folks! Go get the best release ever of "openfl-html5" -- available now! Open your command-line or terminal and use "lime upgrade openfl", or go here if you haven't installed OpenFL yet. Read more

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OpenFL HTML5 1.4.1 Beta

Although we just released OpenFL 1.4, we have a new update of the beta HTML5 target -- it's too hard to wait for a big release! Read more

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OpenFL 1.4 Release

We have a brand-new OpenFL (and kin) release for you today. If you have already updated to Haxe 3.1.3, this resolves some C++ incompatibilities that were introduced. Read more

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Flash AND HTML5, Unicorns Exist!

A few days ago, Mochi Media announced that it was shutting its doors, and shutting down its services by the end of the month. This week, GDC began, but there was no Flash Gaming Summit -- a long-running event of five years. Although some believe Mochi Media to be an isolated case, others are calling it the "canary in the coal mine," signaling the end of "the era of Flash web gaming." Read more

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