We are excited to share NME 3.3.3, now available on haxelib!

NME 3.3.3 is the first version to include official support for both debug and release versions of the NME native library. When you are compiling your application for debugging, NME will automatically include debug versions of native libraries when available. In the event that there is a crash or error, this will help provide a more complete picture of what was going on.

We have also improved our support for Mac OS X, adding shortcuts to close and minimize your applications, as well as finer improvements on the windowing so that NME applications can be approved for the Mac App Store.

In addition to Windows, Mac, Linux, BlackBerry and webOS, we have also added dynamic sound support for iOS.

HTML5 has had a variety of minor improvements, including updates to our ByteArray support so that you can work with binary data types in supported browsers.

drawTiles now has support for 2x2 transforms, which should help extend what is possible using the API.

NME 3.3.3 has many more fixes and improvements. We hope you like it! You can download the NME installer for your platform or open a shell and run “haxelib upgrade” if you have NME 3.3.1 or greater installed on your machine already.

June 5, 2012 | View Comments
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