As part of our long term strategy to keep OpenFL free and open source, maturing the codebase and creating exciting opportunities for OpenFL developers, we will from time to time be partnering with companies and organizations, that will enable us to reinvest back into the framework.  One such new partnership is with Tizen, a new mobile platform, which will compete directly with similar platforms like Apple iOS and Google Android. Their scheduled launch is January 2014.

New revenue streams & incentives for OpenFL developers

In our continuing goal to increase OpenFL’s cross-platform capabilities, we have added support for Tizen, allowing you to build and compile to this target with ease. This will open up a whole new revenue stream on the platform, which is supported by a number of leading brands such as Samsung, Intel, The Linux Foundation, among many others.

In addition, and depending on the quality of the games, Tizen is running a promotion that provides incentives to popular and high quality titles. This incentive will be based on appbackr’s proprietary app scoring platform and can be as high as $1750 per title. Contact us about submitting your game today.

SWF support & supporting OpenFL

As a result of this new partnership, we are excited to announce that later in December and for a limited period of months, we will be making a version of the SWF library free for all developers. This will make it easier to bring existing content to OpenFL, increase adoption of the framework and open up the opportunity for the community to bring improvements to this library and make it even better.

Help us make OpenFL even better

The success of this partnership and promotion will depend a great deal on the support of OpenFL developers and the resulting impact on the wider development community.  By submitting your games, referring your peers and getting the word out on your blog, Twitter and other forms of social media, you will be helping increase adoption and popularity of OpenFL. This, in turn, means more people will help improve the open source code while enabling us to reinvest more back into the platform.

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