The next release of OpenFL is coming. In the meantime, we are happy to share beta builds for each library. We invite you to help us test for regressions, or other serious issues before publishing a full release to haxelib.

A Combined Codebase

Flash, HTML5 and native (when using the “next” flag) will use a single Haxe codebase. Long-term, we expect this to help in our commitment to stability and focusing on better consistency and quality across across each target.

However, we’re not flipping the switch on “next” just yet for everyone. By default, the native target will still use our older C++ codebase. It is important to us that we do not take a step backwards in the short-term, while we prepare for long-term goals.

A New Lime

Lime has a brand-new API, which we’ll go into detail for in the future. In the meantime, know that we’re pushing more of the features you love from OpenFL, into Lime so that cross-platform development can remain strong and supported, without being quite so tied to the Flash API.

In our goals to focus on simplicity and consistency, we have decided to not to maintain a separate “aether” library for command-line tools. We have merged the tools into Lime.

How to Install

We are not going to release on haxelib, but invite you to install these builds yourself:

After you download each zip, use “haxelib local” to install each one:

haxelib local
haxelib local
haxelib local

You can change between the beta versions and the last release using “haxelib set”:

haxelib set openfl 2.1.0-beta
haxelib set lime 2.0.0-alpha
haxelib set swf 1.5.3


haxelib set openfl 2.0.1
haxelib set lime 1.0.1
haxelib set swf 1.5.2



Version: 2.1.0-beta

  • Added Orientation3D and improvements to Matrix3D in support of Away3D
  • Minor fixes to URLLoader
  • Added several missing toString() methods
  • Implemented displayObject.hitTestPoint for HTML5
  • Added graphics.drawRoundRect implementation for HTML5
  • Fixes for HTML5 mouse wheel
  • Implemented “totalCount” argument for Flash Tilesheet class
  • ArrayBufferView fix for Flash
  • Improved HTML5 performance of bitmapData.getVector
  • Fix for Asset embedding when using full paths
  • Added initial Haxe-based GL rendering for all targets (next, incomplete)
  • Moved to premultiplied alpha when rendering in GL (next)
  • Added automatic batching of Bitmap objects for performance (next)
  • Moved ByteArray, Assets and other low-level elements to Lime (next)
  • Consolidated the “backends” into a single set of classes (next)


Version: 2.0.0-alpha

  • Created an all-new Lime API
  • The core architecture is built around Application, Window and Renderer
  • Events are similar to C# or signals/slots, and strongly-typed
  • Add support for Flash, DOM, Canvas or GL render contexts
  • Added bindings to OpenAL, as well a simple unified audio API
  • Added networking support, with bindings to cURL on native platforms
  • Added cross-target pixel image manipulation features
  • Added Lime “legacy” binaries to support OpenFL “v2” native
  • Combined “aether”/”lime-tools” into “lime”
  • Fixed support for Xcode 6 publishing for iOS 8
  • Fixed support for BlackBerry 10.3
  • Restored support for old Android devices
  • Added support for static linking on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Added support for externally defined platform targets
  • Improved Flash asset embedding, to handle larger projects
  • Added Firefox OS publishing using “lime publish firefox”
  • Made the asset library system more flexible
  • Many other tool improvements


Version: 1.5.3

  • Updated for OpenFL 2.1 and Lime 2.0
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