New versions of OpenFL and Lime are available!

openfl upgrade


4.7.0 (01/24/2017)

  • Added support for high-DPI HTML5 output
  • Added BitmapData.loadFromBase64/loadFromBytes/loadFromFile
  • Added handling for UP/DOWN/HOME/END keyboard shortcuts in TextField
  • Added stage.fullscreenWidth/fullscreenHeight
  • Added support for Lime 3.7 simulated preloader progress
  • Improved selection of multi-line text in TextField
  • Improved the behavior of bitmapData.paletteMap
  • Improved text measurement for HTML5 input TextField
  • Improved sharpness of HTML5 vector shape rendering
  • Deprecated async callbacks in BitmapData.fromBase64/fromBytes/fromFile
  • Fixed support for the “rect” argument in bitmapData.encode
  • Fixed use of textField.setTextFormat when text is empty
  • Fixed support for openfl.printing.PrintJob on Flash Player
  • Fixed support for SWF-based assets on iOS and Flash
  • Fixed use of deprecated NMEPreloader class
  • Fixed use of font names on HTML5 that may already be quoted

4.6.0 (01/20/2017)

  • Added (initial) support for openfl.printing.PrintJob on HTML5
  • Added a stub for stage.softKeyboardRect to fix compilation
  • Made stageWidth and stageHeight read-only on Flash target
  • Updated AGALMiniAssembler to a newer release from the Gaming SDK
  • Improved rendering for multi-line text selections
  • Changed the default font hint style to something more subtle
  • Fixed some cases where textField.getCharIndex would work improperly
  • Fixed issues where tile.rotation resulted in flipped objects
  • Fixed problems with scaleX, scaleY and rotation interacting improperly

Additional changes for previous releases are available here


3.7.0 (01/24/2017)

  • Added <define /> (implies <set /> and <haxedef />)
  • Added <dependency force-load="" /> (will default to false in Lime 4)
  • Added -Dsimulate-preloader=3000 for simulating preload progress
  • Improved Image.loadFromBase64/loadFromBytes/loadFromFile on HTML5
  • Improved Image.loadFromBytes/loadFromFile support on Flash target
  • Improved support for “library.json” files that are not embedded
  • Improved support for browsers that do not have context.isPointInPath
  • Improved lime setup linux command for some newer environments
  • Improved caching behavior of text assets in AssetLibrary
  • Improved seeking behavior for AudioSource on native targets
  • Improved preload behavior on Flash target
  • Fixed metadata-based font embedding for Flash Player
  • Fixed issues with Windows paths when building tools with Haxe 3.4
  • Fixed preloading of fonts similar to default sans-serif on HTML5
  • Fixed base path for assets loaded from non-default asset libraries
  • Fixed scale of mouse events dispatched for high-DPI HTML5 windows

3.6.2 (01/20/2017)

  • Improved error when making a directory on an unavailable drive letter
  • Fixed regression in support for HTML5 font preloading
  • Fixed possible font overflow when embedding fonts on Flash target
  • Fixed crash on Neko when using AudioSource with no AudioBuffer

3.6.1 (01/18/2017)

  • Added streaming audio support to AudioSource
  • Fixed issues in bytesLoaded/bytesTotal calculation
  • Fixed a regression in support for static-linking
  • Fixed a regression in support for lime.utils.JNI

Additional changes for previous releases are available here

Thank you again to all of our Patreon supporters and awesome contributors!

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