The IllegalOperationError exception is thrown when a method is not implemented or the implementation doesn't cover the current usage.

Examples of illegal operation error exceptions include:

  • A base class, such as DisplayObjectContainer, provides more functionality than a Stage can support(such as masks)
  • Certain accessibility methods are called when the player is compiled without accessibility support
  • The mms.cfg setting prohibits a FileReference action
  • ActionScript tries to run a FileReference.browse() call when a browse dialog box is already open
  • ActionScript tries to use an unsupported protocol for a FileReference object(such as FTP)
  • Authoring-only features are invoked from a run-time player
  • An attempt is made to set the name of a Timeline-placed object


new (message:String = "")

Creates a new IllegalOperationError object.



A string associated with the error object.

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