The ColorTransform class lets you adjust the color values in a display object. The color adjustment or color transformation can be applied to all four channels: red, green, blue, and alpha transparency.


The Matrix class represents a transformation matrix that determines how to map points from one coordinate space to another. You can perform various graphical transformations on a display object by setting the properties of a Matrix object, applying that Matrix object to the matrix property of a Transform object, and then applying that Transform object as the transform property of the display object. These transformation functions include translation(x and y repositioning), rotation, scaling, and skewing.





The Point object represents a location in a two-dimensional coordinate system, where x represents the horizontal axis and y represents the vertical axis.


A Rectangle object is an area defined by its position, as indicated by its top-left corner point(x, y) and by its width and its height.


The Transform class provides access to color adjustment properties and two- or three-dimensional transformation objects that can be applied to a display object. During the transformation, the color or the orientation and position of a display object is adjusted(offset) from the current values or coordinates to new values or coordinates. The Transform class also collects data about color and two-dimensional matrix transformations that are applied to a display object and all of its parent objects. You can access these combined transformations through the concatenatedColorTransform and concatenatedMatrix properties.