This is the api that is passed to the custom JS generator.



the main call expression, if a -main class is defined


the file in which the JS code can be generated


all the types that were compiled by Haxe

addFeature (f:String):Bool

add a feature

buildMetaData (t:BaseType):Null<TypedExpr>

create the metadata expression for the given type

generateStatement (e:TypedExpr):String

generate the JS code for any given typed expression

generateValue (e:TypedExpr):String

generate the JS code for a given typed expression-value

hasFeature (f:String):Bool

check if a feature is used

isKeyword (ident:String):Bool

tells if the given identifier is a JS keyword

quoteString (s:String):String

quote and escape the given string constant

setCurrentClass (c:ClassType):Void

select the current classe

setTypeAccessor (callb:Type ‑> String):Void

define the JS code that gets generated when a class or enum is accessed in a typed expression