A NodeFilter interface represents an object used to filter the nodes in a NodeIterator or TreeWalker. They don't know anything about the DOM or how to traverse nodes; they just know how to evaluate a single node against the provided filter.

Documentation NodeFilter by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



acceptNode (node:Node):Int

Returns an unsigned short that will be used to tell if a given Node must be accepted or not by the NodeIterator or TreeWalker iteration algorithm. This method is expected to be written by the user of a NodeFilter. Possible return values are:

Constant Description
FILTER_ACCEPT Value returned by the NodeFilter.acceptNode() method when a node should be accepted.
FILTER_REJECT Value to be returned by the NodeFilter.acceptNode() method when a node should be rejected. ForĀ TreeWalker, child nodes are also rejected. ForĀ NodeIterator, this flag is synonymous with FILTER_SKIP.
FILTER_SKIP Value to be returned by NodeFilter.acceptNode() for nodes to be skipped by the NodeIterator or TreeWalker object. The children of skipped nodes are still considered. This is treated as "skip this node but not its children".

Static variables

staticinline read onlyFILTER_ACCEPT:Int = 1

staticinline read onlyFILTER_REJECT:Int = 2

staticinline read onlyFILTER_SKIP:Int = 3

staticinline read onlySHOW_ALL:Int = cast 4294967295

staticinline read onlySHOW_ATTRIBUTE:Int = 2

staticinline read onlySHOW_CDATA_SECTION:Int = 8

staticinline read onlySHOW_COMMENT:Int = 128

staticinline read onlySHOW_DOCUMENT:Int = 256

staticinline read onlySHOW_DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT:Int = 1024

staticinline read onlySHOW_DOCUMENT_TYPE:Int = 512

staticinline read onlySHOW_ELEMENT:Int = 1

staticinline read onlySHOW_ENTITY:Int = 32

staticinline read onlySHOW_ENTITY_REFERENCE:Int = 16

staticinline read onlySHOW_NOTATION:Int = 2048

staticinline read onlySHOW_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION:Int = 64

staticinline read onlySHOW_TEXT:Int = 4