The PerformanceEntry object encapsulates a single performance metric that is part of the performance timeline. A performance entry can be directly created by making a performance mark or measure (for example by calling the mark() method) at an explicit point in an application. Performance entries are also created in indirect ways such as loading a resource (such as an image).

Documentation PerformanceEntry by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



read onlyduration:Float

A DOMHighResTimeStamp representing the time value of the duration of the performance event.

read onlyentryType:String

A DOMString representing the type of performance metric such as "mark". See PerformanceEntry.entryType for a list of valid values.

read onlyname:String

A DOMString representing the name of a performance entry when the metric was created.

read onlystartTime:Float

A DOMHighResTimeStamp representing the starting time for the performance metric.