The RadioNodeList interface represents a collection of elements in a form or a fieldset element.

Documentation RadioNodeList by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.




If the underlying element collection contains radio buttons, the value property represents the checked radio button. On retrieving the value property, the value of the currently checked radio button is returned as a string. If the collection does not contain any radio buttons or none of the radio buttons in the collection is in checked state, the empty string is returned. On setting the value property, the first radio button input element whose value property is equal to the new value will be set to checked.

Inherited Variables

Defined by NodeList

read onlylength:Int

The number of nodes in the NodeList.

Inherited Methods

Defined by NodeList

item (index:Int):Node

Returns an item in the list by its index, or null if the index is out-of-bounds; can be used as an alternative to simply accessing nodeList[idx] (which instead returnsĀ  undefined when idx is out-of-bounds).