The ANGLE_instanced_arrays extension is part of the WebGL API and allows to draw the same object, or groups of similar objects multiple times, if they share the same vertex data, primitive count and type.

Documentation ANGLE_instanced_arrays by Mozilla Contributors, licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.



drawArraysInstancedANGLE (mode:Int, first:Int, count:Int, primcount:Int):Void

Behaves identically to WebGLRenderingContext.drawArrays() except that multiple instances of the range of elements are executed, and the instance advances for each iteration.

drawElementsInstancedANGLE (mode:Int, count:Int, type:Int, offset:Int, primcount:Int):Void

Behaves identically to WebGLRenderingContext.drawElements() except that multiple instances of the set of elements are executed and the instance advances between each set.

vertexAttribDivisorANGLE (index:Int, divisor:Int):Void

Modifies the rate at which generic vertex attributes advance when rendering multiple instances of primitives with ANGLE_instanced_arrays.drawArraysInstancedANGLE() and ANGLE_instanced_arrays.drawElementsInstancedANGLE().

Static variables

staticinline read onlyVERTEX_ATTRIB_ARRAY_DIVISOR_ANGLE:Int = 35070