OpenFL is different than other platforms, OpenFL is designed to keep your options open, to support you in what you want to create and build. Help OpenFL grow and mature! Through your support, OpenFL can continue to improve, to support new platforms, and to deepen support for old ones.

Documentation, tutorials and other learning resources are essential to enabling new users to discover how simple it is to create web, desktop, mobile and console games and applications. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, learning and reference resources can keep OpenFL accessible and easy-to-use.

Through the gracious support of our contributors and sponsors, OpenFL continues to grow and mature. Thanks!

Become a Sponsor

You can sponsor OpenFL with any sized gift to support the ongoing expenses of running the OpenFL web server, build servers and other services that we rely upon, as well as helping support the ongoing investment of dedicated developers to the project. As a "thank you", you get a special forum badge and we can help promote your sponsorship.

Become a Contributor

If you are a developer, there is always a need for contributors to help make improvements to the platform. Even if you do not fancy yourself an expert, your feedback and input are valuable!

The first way to contribute is to communicate, speak up and help others on the OpenFL forums, or chat with us on Discord for better 1:1 communication on feature improvements and other aspects of the development cycle.

Almost all of the code is available on GitHub, even this website! There are many places and ways that developers can contribute to OpenFL.