The Font class is used to manage embedded fonts in SWF files. Embedded fonts are represented as a subclass of the Font class. The Font class is currently useful only to find out information about embedded fonts; you cannot alter a font by using this class. You cannot use the Font class to load external fonts, or to create an instance of a Font object by itself. Use the Font class as an abstract base class.


new (?name:String)


read onlywrite onlyfontName:String

The name of an embedded font.


The style of the font. This value can be any of the values defined in the FontStyle class.


The type of the font. This value can be any of the constants defined in the FontType class.

Static methods

staticenumerateFonts (enumerateDeviceFonts:Bool = false):Array<Font>

Specifies whether to provide a list of the currently available embedded fonts.



Indicates whether you want to limit the list to only the currently available embedded fonts. If this is set to true then a list of all fonts, both device fonts and embedded fonts, is returned. If this is set to false then only a list of embedded fonts is returned.


A list of available fonts as an array of Font objects.

staticfromBytes (bytes:ByteArray):Font

staticfromFile (path:String):Font

staticregisterFont (font:Class<Dynamic>):Void

Registers a font class in the global font list.

Inherited Variables

Defined by Font

read onlyascender:Int

read onlydescender:Int

read onlyheight:Int

read onlyname:String

read onlynumGlyphs:Int

read onlyunitsPerEM:Int

Inherited Methods

Defined by Font

getGlyph (character:String):Glyph

getGlyphs (characters:String = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789!@#$%^`'\"/\\&*()[]{}<>|):Array<Glyph>

renderGlyph (glyph:Glyph, fontSize:Int):Image

renderGlyphs (glyphs:Array<Glyph>, fontSize:Int):Map<Glyph, Image>