The AntiAliasType class provides values for anti-aliasing in the flash.text.TextField class.


The Font class is used to manage embedded fonts in SWF files. Embedded fonts are represented as a subclass of the Font class. The Font class is currently useful only to find out information about embedded fonts; you cannot alter a font by using this class. You cannot use the Font class to load external fonts, or to create an instance of a Font object by itself. Use the Font class as an abstract base class.


The FontStyle class provides values for the TextRenderer class.


The FontType class contains the enumerated constants "embedded" and "device" for the fontType property of the Font class.



The TextField class is used to create display objects for text display and input. You can use the TextField class to perform low-level text rendering. However, in Flex, you typically use the Label, Text, TextArea, and TextInput controls to process text. <ph outputclass="flashonly">You can give a text field an instance name in the Property inspector and use the methods and properties of the TextField class to manipulate it with ActionScript. TextField instance names are displayed in the Movie Explorer and in the Insert Target Path dialog box in the Actions panel.


The TextFieldAutoSize class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the autoSize property of the TextField class.


The TextFieldType class is an enumeration of constant values used in setting the type property of the TextField class.


The TextFormat class represents character formatting information. Use the TextFormat class to create specific text formatting for text fields. You can apply text formatting to both static and dynamic text fields. The properties of the TextFormat class apply to device and embedded fonts. However, for embedded fonts, bold and italic text actually require specific fonts. If you want to display bold or italic text with an embedded font, you need to embed the bold and italic variations of that font.


The TextFormatAlign class provides values for text alignment in the TextFormat class.


The TextLineMetrics class contains information about the text position and measurements of a line of text within a text field. All measurements are in pixels. Objects of this class are returned by the flash.text.TextField.getLineMetrics() method.