Desktop, mobile, and web.

From enterprise applications to best-selling games, your creativity can be expressed with OpenFL. Publish to native C++ on desktops, phones, or tablets, or deploy to the web with JS and WebGL. Do it all using one seamless toolset.

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Familiar. Easy-to-use.

OpenFL implements the Flash Player API, but goes everywhere that browser plug-ins cannot. Use a familiar and battle-tested workflow to accelerate development. You can even leverage Adobe Animate as an integrated art pipeline.

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Flexible. Open-source.

Unlock potential with an open, hackable platform that is 100% free and open source, backed by a passionate and responsive developer community. Say goodbye to licensing fees, and keep your code for the long-haul.

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Portable. Cross-platform.

Build games and applications for almost every platform imaginable — Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, HashLink, Adobe AIR, and even JavaScript with WebGL. Bring your creative vision to life, on desktops, phones, tablets… even game consoles.

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