Hello everyone! Welcome.

I want to take a moment to introduce some important people in the Haxe and NME communities. These are people who have made this whole project possible.

Nicolas Cannasse is the creator of MTASC, Neko and Haxe. You can see more about the games that he and the rest of the team at Motion-Twin have been developing here!

Hugh Sanderson developed C++ as a target for Haxe (HXCPP) and created NME. He also has a game library called GM2D which includes a lot of great resources for development.

My name is Joshua Granick. I added the webOS target to NME a little over a year ago and have been helping improve the project since.

Niel Drummond is the creator of Jeash, which started as a port of NME to Javascript. Since then, Jeash has grown as an exciting cross-browser library. This week, Jeash has been added as a new supported target for NME.

Please join me in celebrating Nicolas, Hugh, Niel and all the others that have made Haxe and NME possible. I am very excited for what the future may hold!

September 23, 2011 | View Comments
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