We’ve got a brand new release of NME for you, just in time for the holidays!


NME 3.1.1 fixes a regression in graphics.drawTriangles, and adds a few improvements in the last week. The preloader class has been updated to look nicer, and is now enabled for Flash as well as HTML5. It is available for all targets, so you can use it manually for C++ targets, if you like, or you can extend it with your own design.

Due to popular demand, “nme.utils.Timer” has been added, and now there is an initial implementation of drawTiles for Flash. We will continue to look for ways to improve the performance in Flash, but now you can test your projects in Flash without having to use a second render method. You can access the cross-platform API through the “nme.display.Tilesheet” class.

We would like to receive your input on the focus for future NME releases. What do you think NME needs to grow even stronger?

Should there be more tools to support application developers? Should there be a cross-platform utility to help streamline the process of generating sprite sheets or optimizing assets?

Should NME support another platform, or have improved support for one of the existing platforms? Should emphasis be placed on improving the NME installer or website even more?

It has been exciting to serve all of you with new NME releases. We hope that we can help make your new year a little easier, and a little more fun.

December 21, 2011 | View Comments
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