Hot on the heels of our previous RC1 release, we have a new release candidate for NME 3.3.0 that’s new-and-improved.

The RC1 installers had an issue that left haxelib wondering which version of HXCPP was current. We apologize for the issue, and it should be resolved in this version.

This release also includes haptic feedback for Android and music improvements. If you’re using the “sqlite” library, note that it also has been updated to work with NME 3.3.0, adding support for armv6 and armv7 builds of iOS as well as BlackBerry.

Let us know if you find any regressions. We want to move quickly to a final 3.3.0 release, as it includes important fixes for compatibility with the latest Android SDK and XCode, and we are excited to share our brand-new BlackBerry target!




March 22, 2012 | View Comments
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