We have new versions of NME and HXCPP, just for you!

Jeash is now a part of NME, so this release includes some internal refactoring to better support multiple back-ends. We also updated our API documentation to reflect these changes, in addition to the new packages from Haxe 2.09.

NME 3.3.2 includes support for dynamic sound generation on SDL targets: Windows, Mac, Linux, webOS and BlackBerry. We have also made improvements to our BlackBerry target, now supporting release signing for entry into BlackBerry App World, as well as some other windowing improvements.

This is the first version of NME that uses build numbers. We noticed that some users were having difficulty signing their applications when the official version remained the same. NME should keep track of the current build number in a *.build file, and this number will be used when versioning iOS, Android and BlackBerry applications.

We made improvements to the ObjectHash data type, and also improved the stability of the TextField class as well as the handling of HTML text. We also addressed some minor issues for Mac applications. Command + Q should now be handled for exiting NME applications, and we resolved an issue that appeared in Lion that prevented Mac applications from being launched directly from Finder.

…and if you have not seen it yet, NME is continuing to out-perform other frameworks. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and support!

May 2, 2012 | View Comments
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