While you have been humming “Joy to the World” and sipping hot coca, our elves have been hard at work bringing you the next release of NME.

Top of our list includes improvements to HTML5, additional features for native targets and improving the command-line tools.

We have increased our investment in HTML5, fixing bug and compatibility issues, adding requestAnimationFrame support and implementing drawTiles in canvas. We believe that NME can not only be the best development platform for Flash or native games, but also for HTML5. We plan to continue to pioneer the ability to write games and applications that adapt to perfectly suit both the browser as well as each native device platform.

We have continued to invest in adding low-level support for all of the native platforms. NME 3.5 introduces nme.display.OpenGLView, a brand-new DisplayObject that allows standard OpenGL rendering calls. Native extensions can now access the system event loop for BlackBerry, so extensions like BBM and Scoreloop will be possible. We are almost ready to flip the switch on hardware shader support, and are continuing to work on support for WinRT and DirectX.

The command-line tools have been rewritten to provide better verbose output, support for template directories and improve the integration for resource libraries, like SWF assets. These are now integrated in nme.Assets, so Bitmap and MovieClip resources can be accessed using Assets.getBitmapData and the new Assets.getMovieClip. We have also gotten SWF content working in HTML5, which will be available in a later release.

Hold your family close, have a great holiday, and we look forward to sharing 2013 (and the rest of the post-Mayan calendar) with all of you!

December 23, 2012 | View Comments
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