The Mayans were wrong. Welcome to 2013!

We appreciate your support during 2012. In the last 12 months, NME gained the BlackBerry and HTML5 targets, and grew tremendously in feature and stability improvements.

Soon we will be releasing details for upcoming paid services, such as corporate support, training and consulting. We believe that NME is a leader in cross-platform game and application development, so we are increasing our investment to make sure that NME can provide for all of your needs, as an independent game developer, a small production house or a large studio.

We have no intention of charging licensing fees, so you will be able to use NME for free, just as you already do today. What we are doing is exploring how we can best serve the needs of both the independent and enterprise communities, and finding how we can put more of our resources into making NME the very best platform.

Today, we are releasing NME 3.5.3, which improves our support for older desktop platforms, like Windows XP and OS X Snow Leopard, and adds a few new features. This will be the first release since we began the process of supporting Stage3D on top of the new OpenGLView API. We have also enabled a new project file format. In addition to NMML, you will now be able to write your project files with Haxe, providing code completion, and enabling the full feature support of NME in your build process.

We are excited about the future. If you are interested in asking questions, have concerns or would like to work together, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for a great year. We appreciate your enthusiasm, your support and look forward to building the next generation of cross-platform games and applications together!

Keep shining.

January 3, 2013 | View Comments
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