We have been investing deeply into OpenFL to continue to instill reliability, stability and support for all of the things you need to deliver real projects. With this in mind, we continue to drive toward the OpenFL 1.1 public release, with a brand-new backend for desktop platforms, new audio for almost all targets, deep investments in Android and iOS support, and continued improvements to make OpenFL even more fun. Stay tuned, we’re getting close!

Some of the biggest requests we have heard over time are additional features to enable a faster design workflow, with integration for graphic layout software (such as Adobe Flash) or investment in our own layout editor. We have also heard you ask for more supported native extensions. Today, as we reveal our new OpenFL member accounts, we take the next step to make sure that your needs are met.

OpenFL continues to remain free and open-source software.

We are proud of our tradition in open-source, and believe that free software is crucial to enabling free creative expression. We believe in opening doors, not closing them. In addition to OpenFL (which remains free), we are introducing new premium libraries. Although these are not open-source, they are optional libraries to boost your workflow.

In addition to the benefits you have as a member of the OpenFL community, we are announcing three new membership levels, Indie, Pro and Enterprise.

In addition to the benefits of OpenFL, Indie members can now access the premium SWF library, designed to allow seamless importing from the Flash IDE directly into your OpenFL projects. We have been hard at work improving this library, and are excited to work together to accelerate the design workflow, with the level of quality you expect. Pro members can download the new In-App Purchase and GameCenter official extensions, and will have access to more extensions in the future.

Both accounts have access to the OpenFL publishing service, where you will have the choice of working with us to deploy your titles to new markets, leveraging your existing investment to gain additional sources of revenue. Most developers of OpenFL do not take advantage of every platform. We want to help the cross-platform nature of OpenFL work for you. If you are interested in only one or two platforms, we can help bring you new sources of income by deploying to more platforms, more stores, and more users.

In addition to community forums, Pro members will receive limited direct email support, so we can work together to make sure your new bright idea is a success.

If you want to go even further, we can together in an Enterprise commitment, providing training for your development team, consulting or building the roads you need to accelerate your growth.

Thank you so much for all of your support, and we look forward to continuing to provide free and low-cost software to you, to help the pave the way for your great ideas, everywhere!

To learn more about the new member accounts, visit http://www.openfl.org/membership

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