We are excited to officially launch and tell you about the new OpenFL Marketplace.

While OpenFL will continue to be a powerful, free open-source platform, we also understand that you have deadlines to meet. Based on feedback we have received, it became clear that developers should have access to a marketplace—a thriving ecosystem of ready-to-use premium libraries to accelerate development. Not only should native extensions be developed, they should be mature, they should be supported and they should work out-of-the-box without fussing over installation. They should “play nice” and be able to “play together” in the same project without causing conflicts.

Today, the Marketplace offers In-App Purchase and GameCenter extensions as well as the new SWF asset library, and we will be adding more products on a regular basis. You can also contribute to the Marketplace by submitting your own tools and libraries, free or paid. If you would like to sell an extension you have developed and create a new revenue stream for your efforts, or even a standalone tool that helps OpenFL developers, then the Marketplace provides the ideal storefront and a central hub for documentation and support, along with a mechanism for payments. If you would like to contribute free libraries or tools for OpenFL, and you are willing to support them, then we would love to share your work with the wider community. Free or premium libraries must work without overriding user templates, and must be able to interact with other libraries properly.

The Marketplace also features toolkits, both for Indie and Pro users. As many of you know, we initially launched them as memberships, but to avoid any confusion, we felt it best to move them into the Marketplace. These toolkits are designed to expedite your workflow, provide access to the latest and greatest new extensions and tools we are developing, as well as enabling you to invest back into OpenFL. The features in the toolkits will change over time and increase in value, and in turn, the prices are subsequent to change. For example, we are now including two hours of direct OpenFL support for Pro users. Our recommendation is to buy now while the price is at a reduced rate.

We also welcome your feedback and recommendations on items you would like to see available in the Marketplace. To make recommendations, please click here.

October 31, 2013 | View Comments
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