Thanks to the OpenFL & Tizen partnership, for a limited time, we are able to offer a free version of the SWF library. This is not compatible with HTML5, but does support native platforms, so you can leverage SWF assets in your native desktop and mobile applications, while this offer is still available.

For everyone who supported us by purchasing a paid license of the SWF library, thank you! We will extend your license to include the period of time that free limited licenses are available, and are otherwise open to doing everything we can to ensure that we do the right thing by you.

Although this version of the SWF library is available free, please do not distribute it as it is not openly licensed. In order to receive one limited copy for your own use, please go through the checkout process here (you will not be charged anything to download the library):

Thank you again, and after downloading, please give us feedback and report any issues under the SWF library support section:

We hope this helps you build even better games, even faster!

December 21, 2013 | View Comments
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