We are migrating to a new community forum. If you have been around for a while, you may be looking for an older post. You can find archives of the older forums by looking under one of these links:



In a nutshell, we have learned a lot about what we are looking for when it comes to forums. Our first system worked well as an integration to our site, with a single-sign-on and integrated style, but I ran into problems both in maintaining it over time, and struggled with features I wanted to see, such as as the ability to sign in through other accounts (Facebook, Twitter), issues in responding by email, and adequate support for mobile browsers.

In order to address some of these concerns, we moved to Muut forums, but unfortunately, a few glaring things have been missing. When a post is new, it has been great to see live responses, to have a forum that works well on mobile, and to get fast responses. However, we have been missing the ability to private message other members of the community, and most importantly, I feel that older posts sort of “disappear”, which can be bad when researching solutions to problems which may have already been discussed.

Changing forums is no small thing, and nothing we take lightly, but as I have been seeing so much value come from the OpenFL Slack chat, I have been aching to bring some of the same positive, contributing spirit back to the whole community. There are too many of us to all fit in a single chat room, and due to the differences in time zones and work schedules, a forum is sometimes more ideal anyway.

Our old forums could email when a new topic was written, but Muut has never had the ability to notify me about posts, other than when I checked manually. I pledge to take a much larger role in being involved here. Together, I think we can accomplish some amazing things!

Thank you everyone, I look forward to getting to know you more, and building fun stuff together!

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