The fall leaves have now given way to chill winter wind. Thanksgiving was wonderful, and December holds multiple winter holidays that our family has been actively looking forward to.

November was a great month. I have been focused on stability and making the platform more accessible. In the process, I believe we have been touching on some housekeeping that is long overdue, but has been very exciting.

Perhaps the most noticeable of these changes was the move to a new forum system. In the past three weeks, it has already been a huge benefit. I believe it will serve our community for a long time. I even wrote a plugin for emoticons, including my personal favorite. This is very important for keeping a community strong :dealwithit:

I have also been with new documentation, already, we have a new Getting Started section, there is a new Technical Overview section, with Core Architecture and a Feature Matrix so far. I also have a Roadmap document to help track plans for developing Lime and OpenFL.

The cost of running the servers for, and our build servers is graciously covered by our Patreon community. All of you are a part of all the great things that have come from OpenFL. Thank you to EVERYONE who contributes to the project, small or large.

I believe the world is a better place because of what we’re building, I believe we will see things that may not have existed otherwise, and we all have a place to find enjoyable work, and collaborate with like-minded people. The best is yet to come. If you would like to help support my efforts to continue investing in OpenFL, please consider giving on Patreon, get involved in the forums or send a pull request our way on Github, every contribution makes a difference.

There are new versions of Lime and OpenFL available. In the last month, Lime has gotten tool improvements, including a great speed boost when using SVG images. OpenFL “next” has gotten more renderer and stability improvements. SWF now has faster runtime performance for SWFLite.

The year is not over. More is to come. Thank you everyone! Let us keep moving upward and onward.

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