New versions of OpenFL (4.2.0) and Lime (3.2.1) are now available on haxelib.

Please run openfl upgrade to fetch the latest!

Here are some highlights of this release:

A new-and-improved scrollRect implementation

OpenFL has received a rewritten implementation of scrollRect, correcting numerous small issues with the previous version. Particularly for user interfaces, scrollRect is a valuable feature that is difficult to implement correctly, due to the way it changes visual coordinates without changing the “real” world position of objects.

We believe we have the correct balance of features that respond to the visual position of the object (such as hit detection, mouseX/mouseY or globalToLocal) while also preserving the correct world position for other APIs (such as x, y and bounds detection).

Multiple nested objects which use a scrollRect or using startDrag within a nested scrollRect did not behave as developers who used the feature in Flash would expect, but this has all improved.

Other consistency fixes

As we continue to improve upon OpenFL 4, it is our goal to continue to improve upon the consistency of each feature we support. Included in this release are improvements such as ROLL_OVER and ROLL_OUT support, and corrected MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_OUT events. We also implemented opaqueBackground for each renderer, and improved locale support.

Updates for iOS 10 / Xcode 8

Apple has changed the code signing process for Xcode 8, and Lime 3.2 now supports <certificate team-id="" /> for supporting the development team ID required when building a signed application. If this does not work, see if you are overriding the default Lime Xcode project template, as that can block this improvement from affecting your project.

We have also switched mobile to use high-density DPI as the default, this can be disabled using if you would prefer to not use “retina” screen resolution on iOS projects.

Garbage collection improvements

We have swept through our renderer code, and made further improvements to reduce the amount of garbage collection activity generated by our internal code, and have made important changes to ensure that garbage collection for OpenGL resources occurs in the correct thread.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of our Patreon supporters and other sponsors. Thank to you everyone who helps on the forums, fields issues, writes pull requests and helps report problems they find. While many other cross-platform solutions have disappeared, we are thankful for your help and support as we continue to build what we believe to be the most versatile set of tools for deploying multi-platform projects, using the most versatile programming language.

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