NME 3.2 -- It's Official!

NME 3.2 is now live! Read more

February 14, 2012

NME 3.2 Beta 2 Release

It has only been a day, but we want to share a new beta release with you! Read more

February 10, 2012

NME 3.2 Beta Release

We are very happy to announce the first beta release of NME 3.2! Read more

February 8, 2012

New Update and Next Steps

We’ve got a brand new release of NME for you, just in time for the holidays! Read more

December 21, 2011

Well Folks, NME 3.1 is Here!

We are very happy to announce that NME 3.1 is now final! Read more

December 14, 2011

NME 3.1 RC4 Release

We have a new version of NME ready to install. You can download the automated installer from the Get Started page, or follow the instructions for installing manually. Read more

December 8, 2011