NME 3.5.5, WebGL and More

Today we are releasing NME 3.5.5, which is a maintenance release to continue to improve the solidity of our existing features, plus we have some new ones.

OpenGLView was introduced in NME 3.5, and now we add support for HTML5, using WebGL. You can check out the new "HerokuShaders" sample to a great cross-platform illustration of GLSL shaders at work. The sample will run on Windows, Mac, Linux, BlackBerry and HTML5, and will run on other mobile platforms when GLES2 support is official. Read more

February 1, 2013

NME 3.5.4, At Your Service

NME 3.5.4 is here and happy to help. Read more

January 17, 2013

Happy New Year!

The Mayans were wrong. Welcome to 2013! Read more

January 3, 2013

Merry Christmas, NME 3.5.0 is Here!

While you have been humming "Joy to the World" and sipping hot coca, our elves have been hard at work bringing you the next release of NME. Read more

December 22, 2012

NME 3.4.4 Beta is Released

We are pleased to announce the release of NME 3.4.4 Beta. Read more

September 26, 2012

NME 3.4.3 Released

NME 3.4.3 is now available.

  • Project names are now optional when running commands ("nme test blackberry")
  • Added support for OpenGL 2 shader-based rendering
  • Improved support for AIR mobile
  • Minor fixes for BlackBerry release signing
  • Fixed compatibility for webOS devices
  • Flags with two dashes ("--connect") now pass through to the Haxe compiler
  • Build ID file changed from "ProjectName.build" to ".build"
  • Implemented Sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray
  • Implemented Sound.loadPCMFromByteArray
  • Fixed AJAX asset loading on HTML5
  • Improved compatibility for MP3 file formats for Flash
  • Removed need for Event.RESIZE to get initial iOS stage width and height
  • Compatibility fixes for Windows 8 RTM

Short Syntax

The first change may seem minor, but its proven to be time-saving. Rather than specifying the project file whenever you call the NME command-line tools, NME can now look for your "project.nmml", "project.xml" or other NMML files in order to automatically determine how to build your project. If you are in the directory of your project, you should be able to drop the project file name altogether: Read more

September 3, 2012