Upcoming Changes to How We Name Versions

We have been receiving feedback that upgrading from old OpenFL releases to a current release can be difficult. Read more

January 20, 2017

Updated OpenFL and Lime Releases

We have new releases of OpenFL and Lime available! Read more

January 17, 2017

OpenFL 4.5 and Lime 3.5 are Here!

OpenFL 4.5 and Lime 3.5 are available, with quite a long list of changes! Read more

December 16, 2016

Modular HTML5 Support

OpenFL 4.4 and Lime 3.4 have been released, introducing initial support for modular HTML5 builds. Read more

November 1, 2016

Improved Support for Starling

We are proud to announce that a new version of Starling 1.8 has been released on Haxelib! Read more

October 13, 2016

Custom Shaders, AudioSource and More – OpenFL (4.3.0) and Lime (3.3.0) Released

Okay kids! Read more

October 11, 2016